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© Kismet 2014  |  10001 Montague Street, Tampa, FL 33626  |  |  (310)-729-6484 


KIS·MET: ˈkizmit,-ˌmet  (noun)  1. destiny; fate.

Having grown up in the Tampa Bay area as a dancer & performer; friends, family & colleagues always dreamed of making it to the big time in Hollywood, Bollywood or Broadway. It feels like kismet to get to share my love of dance while helping people make their dreams come true. After living in both Los Angeles and New York City for 9 years - it is an honor to be able to bring the "big time" back to the Tampa Bay Area.


There is opportunity for people of all ages to learn, to dance, to perform, to exercise & to just have fun dancing! Check out the Classes page for a class that's right for you - from Doonya fitness (as seen on ZeeTV, Good Morning America, Good Day NY), to kids & couples classes, to corporate events. 


Look forward to seeing you and your dancing shoes at our next class!

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