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Bollywood Dance Classes

These classes will go over technique, facial expressions, coordination, style & performance training. For toddlers and children ages 5-13 - there will be opportunity to learn about & practice different forms & styles of Indian dance. For adults - young & old who just love to dance - get into the groove with fun tunes & choreography that will leave you with dance in your step everywhere you go!


​​Boys Band Class

This will be the "Boy Band" class - where we will rock out to pop, BollyPop, & any fun music - learning how to perform like One Direction, 'NSync, & the like! This class is Audition only - looking for 10 boys b/w age of 5-13 for performances & troupe performances. NOTE CHANGE: Auditions will be Monday, January 20th, location and time coming soon!


​​Doonya Dance

Doonya is your happy workout inspired by our Bollywood-dance roots. Much like Bollywood itself, Doonya offers students an opportunity to leave their troubles behind as they dance their worries away. While following a Doonya routine, you are a Bollywood star at the same time that you’re working out your entire body. You’ll be sweaty, but you’ll be smiling.


​​Miss America - Nina Davuluri Choreography  *4 Week Workshop in March-April

Learn the choreography of Miss America 2013 to "Dhoom Taana"! Be a Bollywood Star in your own home town!


Group Class Descriptions

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